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How to fill "validate form" correctly for PMLaptop Scheme

29 Nov 2014

Following Question and Answers instructs you about how to fill "validate form" correctly for PMLaptop Scheme. 

·         Process of Award of Laptop?

Award of Laptop is subject to The Merit/Eligibility Criteria Mention on MeritList, Criteria & Proof of the data at the Time of Distribution , 
it is not dependent on any of the student Status Mention on Portal (Validated,Inprocess,Incomplete).

·         Whom to contact in case of queries and confusion ?

·         Who is "Focal Person" ?

Focal Person is the Responsible person of the University , who is sending all data to HEC . the detail list of every university focal person and contact is on the link 
Focal Person Contact
more over if you don't found your name you may pursue to your university focal person.

·         How to Make Correction if you have already submit the form?

Correction phase as opens : Simply Update the relevant Data for the Open fields , if you found any Mistake in Locked/Read-only Fields Follow Step 1 Or Step 2.
NOTE : NO CHANGE REQUEST would be entertained ,Any wrong information with respect to Education System , Semester, Year of Study, Date of Admission, Percentages(as of JUNE 2014), and any other information asked ; OR failure to produce documentary proof. of stated information at the time of laptop distribution,SHALL LEAD TO DISQUALIFICATION STRAIGHTAWAY. 
Step 1 :simply you have to go to your focal person to send a collectively email of all such correction to HEC that would be processed with in 2,3 days. Step 2: if you have submit a ticket of Profile Correction then , ask your focal person to Login with HEC provided account and Move/forward that ticket to HEC so that it may be processed timely before Laptops Distribution.

·         What is HSC %?

HSC % means percentage for marks obtained in higher secondary, Intermediate i.e. 12 years of education or equivalent.

·         What is Last Exam %?

It is a percentage for marks obtained in Latest Bachelor/Master Degree ,as of June 2014. If you are in 1st semester that didn't get percentage result yet then please enter % for marks obtained in HSC-Intermediate, 12 years of education or equivalent.

·         How can I recieve verification code on my Number#?

Make sure your cell number is not converted on any other network , as it may not allow you to receive verification code. verification code can not be reused.

o    Enter your phone number like "0333123456", as you get the code submit the code and press the verification button if code matches it will simply both fields turns green

·         How can I verify Email and When i will become registered ?

Make sure your email is correct and you have its password and access if not simply make a new email id , wrong Email may Cancel your validation , more over after Submission it takes 3 to 4 Hours to be the part of portal subject to approval and validity of data , You may verify email as below

o    Enter your correct /proper Email address carefully and press the verify Email button , you may get the verification code on email

o    type the code as the code matches both fields turned green then it means you have successfully verified your Email address.

·         What is "Validated" Status?

If you have successfully submited the validate form then your status would change to "validated". it means that you are considered Eligible but it does not automatically guarantee Award of Laptop. The award of laptop to students is subject to verification of student's record and meeting the defined criteria and the Merit list (if applicable, as in case of 16/ 17 year education).

·         What is "Incomplete record" Status?

Student with this status may fill the form and tif their information is correct their status would be changed to "Inprocess".

·         What is "InProcess record" Status?

Student with this : Follow Correction phase, if done then Wait for Final merit List.

·         What is "Accepted for Merit List" Status?

This Status mean you are Accepted , Wait for Final Merit List.