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Three Days Exhibition to Display the Art Work of BFA Students

07 May 2015

University of Education Fine Arts Department arranged a three days exhibition to display the art work of BFA students of 4th semester at Lower Mall Campus. Vice Chancellor Dr.Faiz ul Hasan visited the exhibition on third day as chief guest. Principal Lower Mall Campus Dr.Ayaz Khan, heads of different departments, faculty members were also present at this occasion. More than three hundred paintings and models of 45 students were displayed reflecting the themes of landscapes with clouds, reflection, classical and sculpture art, painting trees and especially Rajhstani artistic culture as well. Famous national artists along with teachers, parents, professionals and a large number of fine arts students of different universities and colleges visited the exhibition and appreciated the marvelous art work. Students explained the visitors briefly about their art work regarding color schemes, purpose and internal feelings. Lecturers Fine Arts department Frhan Faisal Sheikh and Memoona Noor being focal persons highlighted the importance and core purpose of this exhibition and declared such type of activities a life line for the promotion of art culture in society.

Vice Chancellor Dr.Faiz ul Hasan congratulated the students and faculty members on arranging such a successful exhibition and stressed the progress and development of an art work as an important need of society. While talking to media, he said that art is the real reflection of collective thinking pattern of society and a tool of positive social changes. To draw feelings, an emotion on paper in a well constructive manner is itself an art.