MA Education


The objectives of the M.A Education program are

  • To Develop among students the perception of the discipline of education as a life long activity enabling them to devote time and energy to improve their knowledge and skills in this area.
  • Participate actively in socio-economic development of the society through social work in educational.
  • Prepare teachers in different disciplines focusing on content excellence, pedagogical competence, commitment, and integrity to develop curriculum and evolve teaching strategies to apply research skills in education
  • Apply management skills in the classrooms and institutions Select and use appropriate resource material

Entry Requirements

A Bachelor or equivalent degree with minimum 2nd division

Age Limit

Age limit is not applicable in this program.

Merit Calculation

(( Marks Obtained in SSC / Total ) x 0.25 + ( Marks Obtained in HSSC / Total ) x 0.25 + ( Marks Obtained in BA/BSc / Total ) x 0.50 ) x 100

Degree Requirements

  • Teaching practice will be conducted in the last month of the semester so that students can practice the acquired teaching skills in the schools while teaching the contents of their selected subjects. Teaching Practice will comprise of 6 credit hours.
  • 3-month (non graded) internship supervised by the head of the institution the internee works.
  • There shall be a Comprehensive Examination at the end of the degree program covering the entire courses.