• To prepare students to learn concrete ideas of IT, to analyze problems and to develop problem-solving projects.
  • To encourage students to become independent learners.
  • To encourage students to help other disciplines as engineering, physics, economics, finance using IT.


The duration of program is 2 years / 4 Semesters and each semester comprises of 16-18 weeks

Entry Requirements

BCS (03 Year)/B.Com/BA/BSc with Mathematics or Computer Science

Age Limit

Age limit is not applicable in this program.

Merit Calculation

(( Marks Obtained in SSC / Total ) x 0.25 + ( Marks Obtained in HSSC / Total ) x 0.25 + ( Marks Obtained in BA/BSc / Total ) x 0.50 ) x 100

Degree Requirements

The MSc IT degree comprises of 72 credit hours earned over a period of two years (four semesters). The students will be awarded degree subject to attaining:

  • Minimum CGPA required to qualify for a degree is
  • Qualifying the University Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive Examination

The UE Examination Department under the guidance of the Division will conduct Comprehensive Examination after successful completion of the course work. The Comprehensive Examination will consist of three papers. Each paper shall consist of two core courses and will be prescribed by the relevant Board of Studies. nd Comprehensive Examination at the end of 2 year =3 papers