MBA (3.5 Years)


The main objectives of the program are to

  • Develop individuals with outstanding Managerial Skills.
  • Impart expertise in decision making, Management of budget and resources, management of business challenges, Entrepreneurship, Strategic planning, Marketing, Human resource management and Banking in the environment of Business, Commerce and other related fields.
  • Make student to become highly responsible professional managers, who can identify and solve real-life complex business problems, but also serve as contributing professionals to solve social and economic problems.

Entry Requirements

The MBA (3.5 Years) program is for those students who have completed 14 years of education like B.Com/B.Sc./BA or equivalent qualification (minimum 2nd division) from an HEC recognized Institution/University.

Age Limit

Age limit is not applicable in this program.

Merit Calculation

  • 1/4 of the marks obtained in SSC/Matriculation (out of 850) + 1/4 of the marks obtained in HSSC/FA/FSc (out of 1100) + the marks obtained in Bachelors/BA/BSC (out of 800) minus year wise deduction after Bachelors/BA/BSc examination (5 marks per year) = Total
  • Marks in Bachelors will be multiplied with 0.85 in case of semester system.

Degree Requirements


3.5 years

Business Internship:

6 - 8 weeks (Students are required to Submit a written internship report in the form of project undertake during internship followed by Viva Voce as per University Rules)

Comprehensive examination:

Evaluation shall be on the basis of Pass/fail. There shall be no grading or marks for comprehensive examination.