MS Zoology


  • to divulge information about the advanced concepts of Zoology that will make the basis of practical implementation of these concepts.
  • to train scholars for advanced studies and specialization in emerging fields like Bioremediation, Bio Fueling, Aquaculture, Economic Zoology, Genetic Engineering, Wildlife and Conservation, Fisheries, Pests Management, Biotechnology, etc. that will help to cope with new challenges of poverty, health, medicine, food, agriculture, and recycling of natural resources effectively.
  • to create better planners and managers of animal resources, environment, health, medicine, agriculture and population in the country.
  • to enable students to explore, investigate, identify the prevailing problems in the society regarding various disciplines of zoology, organize the data, and finallyto solve it.
  • Demonstrate professional skills in teaching / society oriented scientific research/ managerial positions in wide range of professions in national and international organizations.

Entry Requirements

  • The pre-requisite for MS Zoology is 2-year MSc or 4-year BS in Zoology from HEC recognized university or degree awarding institutionas per UE rules.
  • GAT (General)of Universityof Education,Lahoremust bequalified.
  • Candidate has to qualify the subject based written test organized byUniversityof Education,Lahore.

Age Limit

Age limit is not applicable in this program.

Merit Calculation

For assessment and evaluation the University of Education, Lahore regulations shall be followed. A copy of the same is available at the University website

Degree Requirements

As per University of Education Rulesand Regulations.