MSc Zoology


The main objectives of this programare is:

  • To impart knowledge about the major disciplines of Zoology. It will enable the students to understand the principles of organizations and inter-relationships in the biological systems with particular referenceto animaldiversity.
  • To teach different methods of exploration, investigation, organization of data and itsutilization inpracticallife.
  • To train students for advanced studies and specialization in recently emerging technological and multidisciplinary fields such as Genetic Engineering, Biodiversity, Environmental Science, Wildlife and Conservation, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Pests and Pest Management, Biotechnology, etc. After completing the degree / student will be able to apply their knowledge to their respective fields effectively.
  • To equip students with knowledge and skills for better planning and management of animal resources, environment, health, medicine,agricultureand population in the country.
  • To develop the scientific culture and demonstrate professional skills in teaching / research/ managerial positions in wide range of professions in national and international organizations.
  • After obtaining the degree of MSc Zoology, the graduates will be able to get jobs in wide range of professions including: Positions in various government and non-governmental organizations, teaching and research, administration and management, forestry, pharmaceutical, agriculture, biological control program, integrated pest management, poultry, wildlife, aqua culture, fisheries,livestockand strategicareas.

Entry Requirements

B.Sc 14 years of education with Zoology and Chemistry as mandatory subjects whereas Botany/Geography/Statistics/Psychology as optional subjects from HEC recognized university or degree awarding institutionas per UE rules.

Age Limit

Age limit is not applicable in this program.

Merit Calculation

For assessment and evaluation the University of Education, Lahore regulations shall be followed. A copy of the same is available at the University website

Degree Requirements

As per University of Education Rulesand Regulations.

Program Duration

Msc Zoology is a 2 year program comprising of 4 semesters (16-18 weeks each).

Total number of Credithours = 65