Course Structure of BEd Hons

Compulsory Courses

Course Title Cr. Hrs.
Functional English - I 3
Content Course- I (from selected discipline-I) 3
Child Development (Foundation) 3
Urdu / Regional Language (Content) 3
Pakistan Studies 2
General Method of Teaching (Foundation) 3
Functional English - II 3
Computer literacy (Compulsory) 3
Content Course-II (From selected discipline-I) 3
General Mathematics (Compulsory) 3
Teaching of Social Studies (Professional) 3
Teaching of Urdu/Regional Language (Professional) 3
English-III (Business communication and Technical Writing) 3
Content Course - III (From selected discipline -I) 3
Teaching of General Science (Professional) 3
Teaching of Mathematics (Professional) 3
ICT in Education 3
Teaching Practice (Short Term) 3
Classroom Assessment (Foundation) 3
Teaching of English (Professional) 3
Content Coures IV (From selected discipline-I) 3
General Science (Content) 3
Islamic Studies/Ethics 2
Teaching Practice 6
Foundations of Education (Foundation) 3
Classroom Management (Foundation) 3
Content Course-I (from selected discipline-II) 3
Curriculum Development (Foundation) 3
Educational Psychology (Foundation) 3
Comparative Education (Professional) 3
Art, Craft and Calligraphy (Content) 3
Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies (Professional) 3
School, Community and Teacher (Foundation) 3
Content Course-II (from selected discipline-II) 3
Introduction to Guidance and Counseling (Professional) 3
School Management (Professional) 3
Content Course-III (from selected discipline -II) 3
Pedagogy-I 3
Pedagogy-II (Methods of teaching related to specialization-I) 3
Research Methods in Education (professional) 3
Teaching Practice (Short Term) 3
Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education (Professional) 3
Test Development and Evaluation (Professional) 3
Research Project (Professional) 3
Teaching Practice (long term) 6