Prof. Dr. Franz Kappel

Professor - Institute for Mathematics, University of Graz

Prof. Dr. Franz Kappel is currently working as “Professor Emeritus” at University of Graz (Karl Franzen University). He is pioneer of Mathematical Modeling of Physiological System such as Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Hemodialysis, etc. He has contribution of about 200 research articles published in journals of repute. Has has also participated in and chaired hundreds of National/International Conferences to share his academic and research contributions. He was Chair, Department of Mathematics and Scientific Computing for a decade and Rector Finances at University of Graz. His valuable contributions to scientific community also include more than 50 PhD students. His expertise includes Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, Optimization, Control Theory, Stability and Control systems.

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Prof. Dr. Hannes Stockinger

Professor - Head of the Centre for Pathophysiology, Infectiology and Immunology and the Institute for Hygiene and Applied Immunology, University of Vienna

Hannes Stockinger (born May 8, 1955) is an Austrian scientist, university professor and since 2010 Head of the Centre for Pathophysiology, Infectiology and Immunology and the Institute for Hygiene and Applied Immunology at the Medical University of Vienna.

Hannes Stockinger and his research team discovered and described for the first time a number of critical receptors on the surface of immune cells, which not only provide an insight into the regulation of the immune system, but are also potential targets for therapeutic purposes. In addition, his research on cell membrane structures called lipid rafts is of significant importance: Today, it is believed that these lipid-rafts are the first coordinating points of the cell, which process and control the signals from the environment.

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Prof. Dr. Caroline M. Clements

Professor & Director of Center for Teaching Excellence, The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, NC

Wilmington’s One of the most reputed Clinical Psychologist specialist Dr. Clements has an outstanding 28 year experience in its subject. She is working as a Doctor of Clinical Psychologist in Wilmington, NC. She is now working with in a group of other Doctors. Dr. Caroline obtained its degree in Clinical Psychologist from Other in the year 1990 with brilliant grades. She is currently practicing at 1437 Military Cutoff Rd in Wilmington. Doctor has been awarded more than 3 times for brilliant work in Clinical Psychologist field. She is an affiliated MD in and many other Hospitals. She accepts patients and appointments in the office under Health organization.

Doctor Caroline Clements More than 3 times awarded in Clinical Psychologist specialty by Federal and NC sate Govt. General public of Wilmington have overall 4.705839806/5 rating for brilliant work.

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Prof. Dr. Patrice Marche

Vice Director - French Institute of Health and Medical Research | Inserm, Research Center Institut Albert Bonniot, Paris

Prof. Dr. Patrice Marche is a French Scientist currently working as "Senior Scientist “Directeur de Recherche” of INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research)". His research and scientific research includes Fundamental immunology: study of the repertoire of the immune response at the level of the antigen specific receptors of the T lymphocytes and antibodies, and at the level of the regulation of the inflammation and immune responses by dendritic cells and complement system. Immunology in chronic diseases and Nano Bio Technology are also his scientific interests. He also has some patents registered including GeNeuro (Geneva, Sw), ImmunID (Grenoble, Fr).

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Prof. Dr. Jian-Ming Deng

Professor - Lanzhou University School of Life Sciences, China

Prof. Jian-Ming Deng has a special interest in the field of Botany having some published research papers about Plant Ecology, Tree Psychology and Plant Seedlings. His research interests include Photosynthesis, Leaf anatomiocal charactristics and Aridity index.

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Prof. Dr. Yongquan Cai

Professor - Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China

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Prof. Dr. Chuanbao Cao

Professor - Research Centre of Materials Science, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing

He is currently the Chair Professor of Low Dimensions Materials in School of Materials Science and Engineering, Director of Research Center of Materials Science of Beijing Institute of Technology. He is the committee member of Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology, senior member of Chinese Mechanical and Engineering Society; committee member of Chinese Biomedical Manufacture Society, senior member of Chinese Institute of Electronics; committee of Chinese Integrate Circuit and Electronic Materials Society. He is in the editoral board of “Scientific Reports” Nature Publisher and in the international journal editoral board of “Journal of Nanomaterials”, His research focuses on the energy related materials. Until now, he has applied 50 patents include 35 granted patents, has published more than 300 journal papers, they have been cited by 5900 times, presented more than 30 invited speaks in international conference.

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Prof. Dr. Munirah Ghazali

Professor, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Dr. Munirah Gazali is a distinguished scholar of math education. Her professional career includes as services as Professor, School of Educational Studies, University Sains Malaysia, Director RCE Penang, Regional Centre of Expertise, Education for Sustainable Development, under United Nations University, Visiting Researcher to University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia, Visiting Professor Australia Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia, Deputy Dean Academic and Students Development, School of Educational Studies and many others such responsibilities at different positions.

NHer research interests include Mathematics Education: Children’s Number Sense, Numeracy, Effective teaching for numeracy Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Energy Education. She has won a number of awards at national level, worked on research projects and published in renowned journals and books. She has been supervising a lot of graduate and postgraduate students.

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Prof. Dr. Jingsha He

Professor - College of Computer Science and T technology, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100124, China

Jingsha He is currently a Professor of Beijing University of Technology in Beijing, China and the associate dean of the School of Software Engineering in the university. He received the B.S. degree in computer science from Xi'an Jiaotong University in Xi'an, China in 1982 and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Maryland at College Park, U.S.A. in 1984 and 1990, respectively. Prior to joining Beijing University of Technology in 2003, he worked for several technology companies such as IBM Federal Systems, MCI Communications and Fujitsu Laboratories of America doing research and development in the areas of computer networking and security. Prof. He's research interests include computer and network security, network measurement and wireless technologies, and his accomplishments include extensive publications, over twenty U.S. and China filed and granted patents, software copyrights, and authored books.

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Prof. Dr. Yarub Al-Douri

Professor - University of Malaya

Prof. Dr. Yarub Al-Douri has been granted Doctorat D’etat in Materials Science. He worked at NUS (Singapore), TUC (Germany), CNRS (France) and Malaysia, in addition to Algeria and Yemen. He has more almost quarter century experience of scientific research and university teaching, and more than 386 publications until now including patents, books, chapters review, papers, articles and conferences. He has 2067 citations, h-index = 22 and i10-index = 59 for the moment.

He is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Nanoelectronics and Materials (, Editor-in-Chief of World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering (, editor and peer-reviewer of different international journals, member of different international scientific associations and has been awarded diverse medals internationally. He has initiated Nanotechnology Engineering MSc Program and established Nano Computing laboratory in Malaysia. His research interests are Modeling & Simulation, Semiconductors, Optical studies, Nanoelectronics, Nanomaterials and Renewable Energy.

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Prof. Dr. Abd Rahni Bin MT Piah

Professor, Universiti Sains Malaysia, USM

Prof. Dr. Abd Rahni Bin Mt Piah is a professional member of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics since 2006 and Life member of Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society since 1995. He did his PhD from Dundee and has been serving as a professor Mathematics at Universiti Sains Malaysia, USM.

He has a number of research contributions in the field of Mathematics with an interest in the areas "Approximation Theory, Computer Aided Geometric Design".

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Dr. Joanne Blanchfield

Associate Professor, School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences (SCMB), University of Queensland, Brisbane QLD 4067, Australia

Dr. Joanne Blanchfield completed her PhD at The University of Queensland in 1996 and then embarked on a postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore working with Prof. Craig Townsend on the discovery of new biosynthetic pathways to β lactam antibiotics. She then worked at the Australian National University with Prof. Lew Mander on the synthesis of novel Gibberellin structures and finally moved to the School of Pharmacy at UQ working with Prof. Istvan Toth on drug development and delivery research. She was appointed to the SCMB academic staff in 2003.

Her research broadly concerns drug and vaccine development and delivery. She currently have a collaborative project with Prof. Paul Burn in which they are designing and synthesising synthetic vaccine constructs against Staphylococcus aureus, HIV and HPV.

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Prof. Dr. Naveed A Malik

Rector, Virtual University of Pakistan, Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Naveed A. Malik is Rector of the Virtual University of Pakistan. Dr. Malik obtained his Master’s degree in Physics from the University of the Punjab, Pakistan and later the Dr. of Science degree from M.I.T. in the field of Electrical Engr and Computer Sc specializing in Digital Signal Processing.

Dr. Malik is the Founding Rector of Virtual University of Pakistan, Pakistan Project Manager MIT-BLOSSOMS and Project Leader of two Asia-wide IDRC funded research projects in Distance Education. Dr. Malik has received Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 2008 for his services to education in Pakistan.

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Prof. Dr. Qaiser Mushtaq

Vice Chancellor, Islamia University, Bahawalpur

Prof. Dr. Qaiser Mushtaq (D.Phil.(Oxon), ASA, KIA), is a Pakistani mathematician and academic who has made numerous contributions in the field of Group theory and Semigroup. He is vice-chancellor of The Islamia University Bahawalpur. Mushtaq is one of the leading mathematicians and educationists in Pakistan. Through his research and writings, he has exercised a profound influence on mathematics in Pakistan. He is an honorary full professor at the Mathematics Division of the Institute for Basic Research, Florida, US.

His research contributions in the fields of group theory and LA-semigroup theory have won him recognition at both national and international levels. In Graham Higman's words, "he has laid the foundation of coset diagrams for the modular group", to study the actions of groups on various spaces and projective lines over Galois fields. This work has been cited in the Encyclopedia of Design Theory.

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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khaleeq ur Rahman

Ex. Vice Chancellor, Govt. College University, Lahore, Pakistan

Prof. (Meritorious) Dr. Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, Izaz-iKamal was the 29th head of the Government College (University), Lahore. He is an illustrious Physicist with 37 years of teaching experience at the Department of Physics, University of Engineering and Technology Lahore where he also served as chairperson for a very long time.

The President of Pakistan conferred upon him the prestigious Izaze-Kamal in the education sector on account of his overall academic distinction for the year 2009. The Higher Education of Pakistan selected him for the Best Teacher Award for the year 2008 in recognition of his invaluable services in the realm of research and pedagogy. Pakistan Institute of Physics bestowed upon him the Fellowship Gold Medal for his marvelous contribution to the advancement of Physics in Pakistan. The Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS), Islamabad did award the Gold Medal 2011 to himfor outstanding research in the field of Physics.

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Prof. Dr. Hassan Amir Shah

Vice Chancellor, Govt. College University, Lahore

Prof. Dr. Hassan Amir Shah is the 30th head of this 154 years old institution of higher learning. He is an illustrious Physicist with specialization in Theoretical Plasma Physics. In recognition of his contribution in the realm of teaching and research, the Government of Pakistan conferred upon him the Sitara-e-Imtiaz on August 14, 2011. He earned his doctorate from the Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad, and carried out his post doctoral research at the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Sussex, the Department of Applied Mathematics, Queen Mary College, University of London, United Kingdom and the Institute of Space Plasma Physics, Frascati, Italy. He has been associated with the Pakistan Physical Society in his capacity as President, and Vice President. He has participated in and contributed to 27 national and International Conferences. He has 111 research publications with an Impact Factor of above 200, in prestigious international research journals to his credit. He has supervised 37 MPhil and 12 PhD research dissertations. 5 PhD students are currently pursuing their doctoral research under his supervision. He has chaired the Department of Physics, GC University Lahore for 9 years. He has taught at GC University, Lahore, Centre for Solid State Physics, University of the Punjab, Lahore, FC College, Lahore and has been Visiting Fellow at reputed institutions in Russia, UK, and Italy.

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Prof. Dr. Farhat Saleemi

Vice Chancellor, Govt. College Women University, Sialkot

Prof. Dr. Farhat Saleemi became Vice Chancellor of Government College Women University, Sialkot on 12th September, 2014. She is an eminent Physicist with an extraordinarily outstanding leadership track record. Before moving to GCWU Sialkot as Vice Chancellor she was Dean Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Management Sciences and Director Planning and development at Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. She has been Supervising MS/M.phil. and Ph.D Physics Scholars and Electronic Research and Administration. While on deputation for doing Ph.D, she has taught Semiconductor physics to MS class in UMIST, Manchester, UK. She has thirty-five (35) years teaching experience at post-graduate level (Ph.D/MS/M.phil/M.Sc). Other than her vast teaching experience and of being research supervisor, she has enormous administrative as well as technical experience. She has been adept in setting up of computer science Telecommunication, Physics, and Electronic Engineering, and Research Laboratories. She has immense experience of working, analyzing results and preventive maintenance of scanning electron microscope for which she received training in UK.

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Prof. Dr. Shahid Siddique

Vice Chancellor, Allama Iqbal Open university

Dr. Shahid Siddiqui obtained his Ph.D. in Englsih (Applied Linguistics)from University of Toronto, Canada, M.Ed. TESOL from University of Manchester, U.K He is an Educationist, Journalist and Author of many books. He is currently serving as a VC, AIOU, Pakistan. His research interest include research in the areas of language, gender, and edcuation.

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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali

Vice Chancellor, GCU, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz), a renowned international name in the field of Biological Sciences has joined Government College University Faisalabad as its 4th Vice Chancellor. Recognizing his valuable achievements in the field of science and research, the Government of the Pakistan conferred upon him “Tamgha-e-Imtiaz”. He earned his Ph.D. from University of Wales (UK) and Post-Doctoral work from MU Columbia, USA. Dr. Ali has vast experience in the domains of teaching, research, administration, planning & development and project management. With an academic experience of more than 26 years, he enjoys a strong research outlook with many Ph.D. and M.Phil. students to his credit along with research impact factor above 200.

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Prof. Dr. Ch. Jamil Anwar

Vice Chancellor, Lahore Garrison University, Pakistan

He joined the Institute of Chemistry as Lecturer in 1974, after obtaining his master degree in chemistry from the same university. He obtained his Ph.D from Aberdeen University, Scotland, United Kingdom in 1982 and worked as post doctorate at University of Florida, USA in 1990.

Prof. Jamil is author of more than 80 research publications appearing in national and international journals. He has also contributed chapters in Allama Iqbal Open University publications and chemistry book for secondary school level. He is also author of various monographs. One of his outstanding contributions is the chapter on “ Thin Layer Chromatography ” in Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry, published by Academic Press, UK.

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Prof. Dr. M. Zakria Butt

Director, CASP department, Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. M. Zakria Butt is currently serving in Department of Physics, Government College University, Lahore. He is a strong piller when it comes to some notable scientists in the field of physics. Currently he is very active in the areas of research like Investigation of Ion Emission from Laser Induced Plasma of Metallic Targets, Growth of Carbon –Metal Thin Films by Off-Axix Pulsed Laser Deposition and Surface Patterning of Single Crystal Substrate by Laser Chemical Processing.

Dr. M. Zakria Butt has been awarded with Civil Award Tamgha-i-Imtiaz, conferred by the President of Pakistan in 1997. He is also a recipient of PAS Open Gold Medal (Physics) (1997) by The Pakistan Academy of Science and Physicist of the Year 1990 by the National Book Foundation, Ministry of Education, Islamabad

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Prof. Dr. Shahzad Ahmad Basra

Professor, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Shahzad Ahmad Basra has been working on physiological aspects of seed development and enhancement. He has established a very dedicated working group on seed and stress physiology. He has developed a functional seed testing and physiology lab. He has also established seed priming protocols for all major and many other crops. He is also working on induction of abiotic stress tolerance by seed priming and foliar application of synthetic and natural growth enhancer especially in wheat, rice and maize against salinity and drought.

He has explored many plant extracts and Moringa oliefera discovered as ideal plant to use its extract as priming and foliar agent as growth enhancer. He is also working on introduction of new crops to increase the biodiversity to meet the challenges of food security and climate change. They have successfully introduced Chenopodium quinoa, a climate proof grain crop, linola, improved linseed and Camolina sativa, a potential drought tolerant oilseed.

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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sharif

Chairperson Math Department, University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. Sharif completed his Ph.D. in the field of General Relativity and Cosmology. He has the diversity in his research work. He has published some work on symmetries, energy problem, gravitational collapse, black holes and some alternative theories of general relativity, In particular, he has published some recent work on accelerating universe through different models of dark energy in f(R), f(T), f(G) and BD theories of gravity in addition to general relativity. He has been associated, in particular, with MPhil and PhD programs of the Department in addition to some other programs. He has published about 400 research papers in journals of International repute with total IF 715. His work has largely been cited and total citation is more than 4900. His h-index is 34 and i10-index is 167. He has delivered more than 78 seminars in different workshops, seminars and conferences at local and International level. He has attended more than 72 workshops, conferences at local and International level.

He has visited number of countries to deliver lectures and also as a Research Fellow as well as Associate Member of TWAS. He has been Editor of the proceedings and Journal. He has been member of different International societies and acting as a referee for a number of International journals.

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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf

Chairman, Pakistan Science Foundation, Pakistan

Prof. Ashraf did his PhD from the University of Liverpool, UK in 1986. Soon after completing his PhD work there, he was offered a post-doctoral position for a period of 8 months. From his PhD and postdoctoral work he was able to publish more than 20 papers in very high quality journals in plant sciences including New Phytologist.

Dr. Ashraf's contribution to science and technology within Pakistan has been tremendous which could be gauged from his active participation in a number of national research and academic organizations/societies. Furthermore, his contribution in science and technology at the international level is equally remarkable which is evident from his current involvement in academic and research pursuits in different countries including USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt and China.

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Dr. Irfan Ahmed Rind

Head of Department, Associate Professor, Sukkur Institute of Business Administration University, Sukkur

Glory after every fall’ might be the best expression to define his to-date and future achievements. Enthusiasm, excitement, passion, commitment, and most importantly optimism are the qualities in keeping the above expression alive. The journey started in 2000 when refused admission in a medical university— a shattered dream to have a title of ‘Dr.’ in front of his name to live the expectations of his parents. Became Dr. anyway after: securing first positions in B.A and M.A English literature in 2005 from University of Sindh, Jamshoro Pakistan; becoming the one of four applicants from all over Pakistan to secure the best scholarship of HEC in 2007; getting M.A Applied Linguistics from Sussex University UK in 2008; and finishing PhD with a thesis that the external examiner defined as ‘a quality piece of work’ in 2012 from Sussex University UK.

Such successes brought humbleness and modesty; at the same time increased the level of enthusiasm and commitment to continue the same chain of success in research and teaching. He believes that individual success is strongly associated with the institution’s success in which one studies/works. Thus, efforts should always be made in developing and promoting the home institution. It was done for University of Sindh by making it as the focus of his PhD thesis; same was done for Sussex University by promoting it worldwide as international student ambassador and representing it in different forums as a researcher. And now all efforts are put together to promote and enhance Department of Education at Sukkur IBA.

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