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  • Recognized by Higher Education Commission, Paksitan
  • Frequency: Bi-Annual
  • ISSN No: 1995-5243
  • ISSN No. 1996-1359 (Online)


The Journal of Research and Reflections in Education (JRRE) a refereed interdisciplinary journal publishes articles relating to education covering a wide range of areas relating to (a) social, natural and life sciences, and (b) arts, culture and philosophy.

Current Issue

Volume No 10 Issue No 2 / December 2016

  1. Low-income students lose literacy skills in the summer: Do summer programs make a difference?
  2. 1 Minghui Gao,2 Beverly Boals Gilbert 3 LaToshia Woods

  3. Students Mathematical Problem-Solving Proficiency in Relation to Gender at Grade VI
  4. 1 Ghazala Noureen, 2 Itrat Sheikh

  5. Factors Directing Curriculum Debate among Teacher Educators in Pakistan
  6. 1 Qudsia Kalsoom,2 Muhammad Amin,3 Sibte Hasan

  7. Effect of PQ4R Strategy on Slow Learners’ Level of Attention in English Subject at Secondary Level
  8. 1 Muhammad Shoaib,2 Hafiz M. Inamullah3, Hafiz M. Irshadullah,4 Riasat Ali

  9. High-Stake Testing in Punjab: Inter-rater Reliability in the Scoring of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination
  10. 1 Sehar Rashid,2 Nasir Mahmood

  11. A Study of Reasons and Implications of the Dropout Phenomenon in Women at University
  12. 1 Afifa Khanam,2 Uzma Quraishi3, Habiba Nazir