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  • Recognized by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan
  • Frequency: Bi-Annual
  • ISSN No: 1995-5243
  • ISSN No. 1996-1359 (Online)


The Journal of Research and Reflections in Education (JRRE) a refereed interdisciplinary journal publishes articles relating to education covering a wide range of areas relating to (a) social, natural and life sciences, and (b) arts, culture and philosophy.

Current Issue

Volume No 11 Issue No 2 / December 2017

  1. Academic Achievement of Students Associated With Professional Education of Teacher
  2. 1 Muhammad Razzaq Athar 2 Nasir Jamal

  3. Relationship between Job Stress and Employee Burnout-The Moderating Role of Self- Efficacy for University Teachers
  4. 1 Rabeea Ishaq 2Asif Mahmood

  5. A Comparative Study of Moral Development of Students from Private Schools and Deeni Madrasah
  6. 1 Shoukat Iqbal 2 Afifa Khanam 3 Ashiq Hussain Dogar

  7. Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Knowledge Gap: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Schools in Lahore, Pakistan
  8. 1 Anjum Zia 2 Iram Naz 3 Uzma Qureshi

  9. An Investigation of Students’ Learning Difficulties in Mathematics at Secondary Level
  10. 1 Ijaz Ahmed Tatlah 2 Muhammad Amin 3 Muhammad Anwar

  11. A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Universities about Nature Causes of Conflicts, and Role of Academic Personnel
  12. 1 Muhammad Idris 2 Sajjad Hussain 3 Said Saeed

  13. Chinese University Students’ Lack of Oral Involvements in the Classroom: Identifying and Breaking the Barriers
  14. 1 Muhammad Abid Malik 2 Guoyuan Sang 3 Qiong Li

  15. Role of Supervisor in the Performance of Postgraduate Research Students
  16. 1 Noor Ul Hadi 2 Barudin Muhammad

  17. Factors Affecting Students’ Career Choice
  18. 1 Asma Shahid Kazi 2 Abeeda Akhlaq

  19. Teachers Preferred Approaches towards Multiple Intelligence Teaching, An Enhanced Prospects for Teaching Strategies
  20. 1 Rani Gul 2 Muhammad Rafique

  21. A Study on the Role of Educational Institutions in Promoting the Education and Citizenship through Multiculturalism at Secondary Level in Quetta City
  22. 1 Alia Ayub 2 Khalid Khurshid 3 Shabana Akhtar 4 Zainab Akram

  23. Role of Gender Differences and Parents’ Education in Shaping L2 Motivation of Pakistani Students
  24. 1 Muhammad Shahbaz 2 Muhammad Islam 3 Moazam Ali Malik

  25. Examining the Learning Experiences of Orphans from a Critical Perspective
  26. 1 Effat Alvi 2 Munaza Nausheen 3 Iram Kanwal 4 Rukhsana Anwar

  27. What Makes Principals More Effective in Pakistan, Training or Organizational Culture?
  28. 1 Asif Khan 2 Shamim Bano 3 Shamila Bano 4 Ejaz Ahmed Khan

  29. The Role of the Synectics Model in Enhancing Students’ Understanding of Geometrical Concepts
  30. 1 Aftab Ahmad Khan 2 Nasir Mahmood

  31. A Pragmatic Inquiry of Syllogism and Relevance in Academic Discourse
  32. 1 Tehseen Zahra 2 Wasima Shehzad