Quality Assurance Processes & Evaluation Methods of QEC:

Realizing the challenges to be faced in the field of higher education during 21st century, impact of globalization and the need for knowledge based economy the University of Education has established the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) in 2009. The QEC believes that the issue of quality enhancement cannot be separate from the quest of excellence.

Quality Assurance (QA) is “the means by which an institution can guarantee with confidence and certainty, that the standards and quality of its educational provision are being maintained and enhanced.” To this end, the QEC at University of Education acts as a focal point to hold the quality of higher education and research. It works with Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission (QAA/HEC) in the process of capacity building of academia, awareness campaigns, training of teachers for preparing Self-Assessment Reports (SARs) of the various teaching programmes. In this regards through a system of surveys and feedback, the QEC attempts to protect the interest of students, teachers, employers, and other stakeholders in the field of higher education.

The QEC is responsible to promote higher standards of education and research in the university. It builds public confidence in the quality and standard of the degrees awarded by the university. To impart quality education and research QEC has developed the Quality Assurance Process and Evaluation Methods in all UE Campuses/Divisions:

  • Teachers Evaluation (Online)
  • Self-Assessment (Manual & online)
  • Workload Assessment
  • Coding of Scheme of studies
  • Research Incentive Award for International and National Publications
  • Preparation of Institutional Performance Report
  • IPES, Review Panel of HEC Visit)
  • Formulation of KPI’s for the University till 2020.
  • Trainings, Seminars and Workshops
  • Maintenance of Publications Data
  • Plagiarism reports