Awareness seminars/conferences/workshops on QA (within DAI)

HEC requires universities to periodically arrange trainings and workshops on quality assurance awareness. For this University of Education has arranged various events which includes World Quality Day and periodic training workshops on self- assessment for its academic programs in order to improve them and ensure high academic standards. Self-assessment is an important tool that provides feedback for faculty and administration to initiate action plans for improvement. Following training sessions has been organized by QEC University of Education.

Serial # Name of Event Resource Person from Date Participation from
1 A seminar was conducted for “15 Years Celebration of HEC” held on 21 September, 2017 at Division of Education, University of Education, Lahore Within DAI 21.9.2017 Both (Within and Outside DAI)
2 Moreover, a team from University of Education represented UE in Regional Showcasing Event at LUMS on September 27, 2017. The event was a great success and the enthusiasm and positive spirit helped to honor the successful completion of 15 years of Higher Education Commission (HEC). Both (Within and Outside DAI) 27.9.2017 Both (Within and Outside DAI)
3 In October 2017, University of Education celebrated 15 Years Celebrations of HEC by organizing a Declamation Contest at Multipurpose Hall Township Campus. Both (Within and Outside DAI) 19.10.2017 Both (Within and Outside DAI)
4 On 23rd November 2017, a Lecture on Neuropsychological Problems Related to Lead Poisoning and it’s Management was held at the MULTI-PURPOSE HALL of University of Education. Dr. Farhan Abdul Rauf , a Public Health Physician & Researcher has given a lecture on the said topic. The lecture highlighted the following learning objectives:
  • Adverse Health Effects of Lead Exposure at all levels of Function
  • Distribution of Blood Lead Levels BLLs, Risk Factors For & Sources of Lead Exposure
  • Blood Lead Testing
  • Management of Lead Poisoning
Outside DAI 23.11.2017 Both (Within and Outside DAI)
5 Quality Enhancement Cell, University of Education, organized a two-day workshop titled “Self-Assessment” on February 27 and 28, 2018 at Video Conference Room, Division of Science & Technology, University of Education, Lahore to train faculty members and to assist the departments, institutes, centers in improving the quality of teaching and research compatible to the international standards. Within DAI 27.2.2018 & 28.2.2018 Within DAI
6 In May 2018, a two day training workshop on “Training workshop of Assessment Team Members” was held at the Video Conference Room of Division of Science and Technology at University of Education. The workshop was hosted by the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC). Within DAI 08.5.2018 & 09.5.2018 Within DAI