Functions of QEC

    Capacity building:

    • QEC helps the faculty/program teams for creating the best Self-Assessment Reports through holding workshops/seminars.
    • Briefing/coaching of assessment teams for Self-Assessment Reports.
    • Awareness workshops/seminars for students, such as role of students in quality education.

    Quality assurance:

    • QEC is responsible for the review of quality standards and the quality of teaching and learning in each subject area.
    • Quality assurance of BS/ MA/ MSc. /MS/MPhil / and Ph.D. degree programs.
    • Faculty monitoring and assessment with the help of students’ feedback.
    • QEC has implemented an online system for the evaluation of the faculty members/courses by the students.
    • Departmental review.

    Improvement of existing programs.

    • Conducting various surveys for further improvement of degree programs:
    • Graduating students survey
    • Employer survey
    • Alumni Survey
    • Faculty Course Review Report
    • Faculty Resume
    • Survey of Department offering Ph.D. Program
    • Teacher Evaluation
    • Course Evaluation
    • Research Student Progress Review

    Coordination among various accreditation councils/program teams/departments

    • Developing a data source for accurate information regarding quality assurance for various stakeholders.

    Anti-plagiarism campaign:

    QEC has started creating awareness about how to avoid plagiarism by holding seminars/workshops etc.

    QEC has started scrutinizing Synopsis/Thesis of various degree programs.

    QEC is responsible to ensure that the university’s quality assurance procedures are designed to fit in with the arrangements in place for maintaining and improving the quality of Higher Education.