To develop research based procedure and practices for quality enhancement in all academic programs, organizational units, research and public service contributing to the recognition of the University of Education as a Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education and other branches of Higher Education at National and International level.


To develop into an indispensable and respected entity of the University recognized for its professional competence and support in the quality assurance arena by:

  1. Introducing internationallty recongnized criteria, sound policies, well-developed systems, transparent practices and procedures.
  2. Continuous monitoring and evaluation of all UE's programs.
  3. Building and strengthening the capacity of all UE's Division/Campuses/Units on a continuing basis.
  4. Serving as the University's liaison with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and other national and international experts/institutions on matters directly relevant to quality assurance.


  1. To ensure the implementaion and compliance of the self assessment system by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.
  2. Initiating quality assurance measures for all the programs conducted by various campuses of the UE.
  3. Providing effective training to the faculty and supporting staff to improve their performance level.
  4. Setting up committees to review the syllabi and the content taught to the students to meet with the challenges of the changing times.
  5. Assuring the progressive approach towards the exmination and assessment system for better results.
  6. To establish a system of research and development to enhance the quality in all areas.
  7. To encourage the scholarly activities for positive results
  8. Facilitate the supportive educational provisions that can help the users in the best possible way.
  9. To communicate and co-ordinate with various local and international bodies.
  10. Analyze, evaluate and ensure that the procedures and practices meet the requirement of international standards