Self-Assessment Progress

Phase I (Completed Programs)

Serial #NameDivision/Campus
1MA Education Division of Education
2MSC Physics B.Ed.Division of Science and Technology
3MSc Mathematics B.Ed.Division of Science and Technology
4BSc B.Ed.Township Campus

Phase II (Completed Programs)

Serial #NameDivision/Campus
1BBA (Hons)Bank Road Campus
2M.Phil EducationDivision of Education
3MA EnglishLower Mall Campus
4MSc ChemistryDivision of Science and Technology

Phase III (Completed Programs)

Serial #NameDivision/Campus
1B.Ed. ElementaryBank Road Campus
2MA EducationBank Road Campus
3M.Ed.Lower Mall Campus
4MBALower Mall Campus
5MA EnglishMultan Campus
6B.Ed. SecondaryMultan Campus
7BS BotanyOkara Campus
8MA EducationOkara Campus
9BS ITDivision of Science and Technology
10BS ZoologyDivision of Science and Technology
11Ph.D. EducationDivision of Education
12B.Ed. ElementaryFaisalabad Campus
13MA EducationFaisalabad Campus

Phase IV (Completed Programs)

Serial #NameDivision/Campus
1M.Phil. EducationBank Road Campus
2MA EnglishBank Road Campus
3MA EducationLower Mall Campus
4M.Ed. Special EducationLower Mall Campus
5M.Phil. MathematicsDivision of Science and Technology
6MA EducationMultan Campus
7M.Phil. Education Okara Campus
8MA EnglishOkara Campus
9MA EducationDivision of Education
10B.Ed HonsTownship Campus
11MA EducationVehari Campus
12MA EducationFaisalabad Campus
13MA EducationAttock Campus
14MA EducationJauharabad Campus
15MA EducationDG Khan Campus

Phase V (Completed Programs)

Serial #NameDivision/Campus
1 B.Ed (Hons)  Division of Education
2 BS IT  Division of Science and Technology
3 M.Sc. Chemistry  Division of Science and Technology
4 M.Sc. Mathematics  Division of Science and Technology
5 MS Mathematics  Division of Science and Technology
6  BS Economics  Township Campus
7  MA English  Township Campus
8  M.Sc. Mathematics  Bank Road Campus
9  MA History  Bank Road Campus
10  BBA (Hons.)  Bank Road Campus
11  MA Urdu  Lower Mall Campus
12  B.Ed. (Hons.)  Lower Mall Campus
13  BBA (Hons.)  Lower Mall Campus
14  BS English  Lower Mall Campus
15  M.Sc. Economics  Lower Mall Campus
16  MPhil Education  Lower Mall Campus
17  BS IT DG Khan Campus
18  MA English DG Khan Campus
19  B.Ed. (Hons.) DG Khan Campus
20  BS IT  Vehari Campus
21  MPhil Education  Attock Campus
22  BS English  Attock Campus
23  B.Ed. (Hons.)  Faisalabad Campus
24  BS English  Faisalabad Campus
25  BS Zoology  Faisalabad Campus
26  BS Chemistry  Faisalabad Campus
27  BBA (Hons.)  Joharabad Campus
28  BS IT  Joharabad Campus
29  BS Mathematics  Joharabad Campus
30  BBA (Hons.)  Multan Campus
31  BS IT  Multan Campus


Phase VI (In Progress Programs)

Serial #NameDivision/Campus
1 B.Ed (Hons)  Attock Campus
2 BS Mathematics  Attock Campus
3 BS English  Bank Road Campus
4 BS Mathematics  Bank Road Campus
5 M.Sc Economics  Bank Road Campus
6  MBA 3.5 Years  Bank Road Campus
7  B.Ed Secondary  Division Of Education
8  MPhil Education  Division Of Education
9  BS Physics  Division of Science and Technology
10  BS Mathematics  Division of Science and Technology
11  MS Zoology  Division of Science and Technology
12  MS Chemistry  Division of Science and Technology
13  BS Chemistry  DG Khan Campus
14  M.Sc Chemistry  DG Khan Campus
15  MS Chemistry  DG Khan Campus
16  BS Mathematics  DG Khan Campus
17  M.Sc Botany DG Khan Campus
18  M.Sc Zoology DG Khan Campus
19  BS Mathematics Faisalabad Campus
20  BS Physics  Faisalabad Campus
21  M.Sc Zoology  Faisalabad Campus
22  B.Ed Secondary  Faisalabad Campus
23  BBA (Hons)  Faisalabad Campus
24  M.Sc Mathematics  Joharabad Campus
25  BS (Hons) English  Joharabad Campus
26  BS Chemistry  Vehari Campus
27  BS English  Vehari Campus
28  BS Physics  Vehari Campus
29  M.Sc Zoology  Lower Mall Campus
30  Ph.D. Education  Lower Mall Campus
31  MA Special Education  Lower Mall Campus
32  B.Ed Secondary  Lower Mall Campus
33  BS Mathematics  Multan Campus
34  B.Ed Hons  Multan Campus
35  MBA 3.5 Years  Multan Campus
36  BS English  Multan Campus
37  BBA (Hons)  Township Campus
38  BS English  Township Campus