Teacher Course Evaluation

The purpose of teacher evaluation is to improve student learning & bring excellence in teaching skills of our teachers. Quality Enhancement Cell of University of Education conducts “Teacher Evaluation” in every semester (Spring & Fall). This evaluation provides QEC with specific and reasonable plans for improvement of teachers’ performance if the performance of the teacher requires improvement. On the other hand, the performance of the teacher is also recommended for best teacher award.

University faculty and administrators realize that student evaluation of teaching is critical for the continued improvement and success of educational development. QEC is giving careful attention to this realization by the development of a new and improved evaluation system. In this regard, University of Education has taken a lead in launching online Teacher & Course Evaluation for Spring Semester 2015.

University of Education is striving hard for quality teaching practices for its students. QEC as a vibrant organ of the University will continue to focus attention to exploit this Internet Based Assessment and Evaluation Approach as a way to improve teaching research and pedagogical quality.

The present projects of University of Education’s UMS will provide incentives to a teacher to perform better. . This recognition of the contributions made by them will act as catalyst for others to enhance their efforts in the fields of teaching and research.