Alumni University of Education, Lahore


The office of the University of Education Alumni has been established to build an enduring, everlasting, mutually benefitted relationship between Alumni and their alma mater. The establishment of UE Alumni will go a long way to advance and support the mission of University of Education with complete dedication and commitment and our alma mater will become more successful and stronger in future.

Objectives of the establishment of UE Alumni

  1. Establish a link with the UE Alumni and enroll them as members.
  2. Establish liaison between UE Alumni and similar other associations of Pakistani & Foreign Universities.
  3. To ensure the proper placement of our Alumni in different govt. and private sector institutions.
  4. Honor distinguished alumni of UE who have brought national/ global acclaim in their respective domains.
  5. Suggest ways and means for the participation of UE Alumni association for the betterment of the University.
  6. Arrange get together of the alumni and social cultural functions of alumni.
  7. Send birthday greeting cards to its members to import personal touch and interaction with them.
  8. Seek donations from potential donors for promoting various activities of alumni association.

Alumni Registration

Contact Details

  • Dr. Ijaz Ahmed Tatlah
  • Director Office of the Alumni Relations
  • Email: