I am proud to be a leader of one of the leading Universities in the Punjab. Strengthening quality teacher education is the scope of University of Education and my thirst.

I believe that the nations who focused on their basic education cultivated fruitful and productive societies. My determination is to produce best quality teacher education through implementing highly advanced techniques in research and academia. Progressive learning, skillful practices, interactive grooming and state-of-the-art knowledge is my ultimate mission.

University of Education, a banquet of 9 Campuses in Punjab, feels pride on having more than 25000 students enrolled. Our policy is to align these students professionally at international standards through international linkages and partnerships with renowned institutions and organizations all over the world.

On joining this university the biggest asset for my best efforts I received is highly qualified and skillful faculty. I am focused to enhance this asset more with trainings and rewarding inductions. Pedagogical innovational teaching is our aim where students come first, where merit is rendered into practice, where we stand in 21st century learning.

I am much hopeful to achieve my goals with the best support given by the Chancellor, Chief Minister Punjab, Pro Chancellor, HEC, PHEC and HED.