UE Toastmasters Club


UE Toastmasters Club was established in 2018 by University of Education, Lahore. The club has acquired the charter from Toastmasters International on July 18, 2019. UE Toastmasters Club can be accessed at www.toastmasters.org


The mission of UE Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication, public speaking and leadership skills which in turn will foster self-confidence and personal growth.


UE Toastmasters Club (6988421):

  • Helps members to improve their oral communicative abilities
  • Provides instructions, educational material and opportunities to members which give them skills and experience in the preparation and delivery of speeches
  • Encourages members to listen and read analytically
  • Provides fair and constructive feedback to members for their efforts towards self-improvement
  • Enhances members’ knowledge of rules for meetings and group discussions
  • Facilitates leadership training to members
  • Provides opportunities and encouragement to members for appearing before audiences to express their thoughts creditably

International Affiliation

UE Toastmasters Club (6988421) is a chartered club as it carries the legal affiliation with World Toastmasters International Association.

Membership Rules

  • All individual members shall be at least 18 years of age.
  • All members are required to pay 65 US$ fee for 6 months. The renewal of the membership will require 23 US$
  • The members will receive toastmasters’ membership cards and certificates on completion of modules.
  • The club may establish, from time to time, routine procedures to expel those members who fail to pay club’s fee and don’t contribute constructively towards the club’s program and activities.

Meetings and Activities

  • Regular meetings and activities for members are organized.
  • Model demonstrations of eminent public speakers are provided.
  • Meetings and activities are notified via email, notice boards and social media.

Club Officers

  • President: Dr. Humaira Irfan Khan
  • Vice President: Dr. Asma Khan
  • Secretary: Ms. Ayesha Akram
  • Treasurer: Mr. Jahanzeb Jahan

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