The Vice Chancellor, University of Education Lahore takes huge interest in the well being of his faculty and staff, therefore promotes the facility of day care centres so that the UE employees can perform their duty with a great peace of mind.
With the financial grant, provided by the Women Development Department, Punjab, the UE’s first day care centre was inaugurated on June 13, 2017. Currently, there are four functional day care centres within the umbrella of UE, catering almost 50 children aged between 03 months to 5 years. There is also a UE Central Committee of the Day Care Centres (CCDCC), an official body convened by the Worthy Vice Chancellor and is composed of the Chairperson, five members including three mothers as members and a secretary. The central committee is tasked to coordinate with the sub committees constituted in other campuses of UE and to ensure the implementation of guidelines and standards issued by the Women Development Department, Punjab, and give its recommendations thereof.
Training/Professional Development of Staff The day care staff is tasked with caring for and the well being of young children, therefore the UE provides the opportunities of personal and professional growth to its daycare staff. These trainings focus on multiple aspects such as children health and hygiene; early childhood nutrition; counselling young children, social and educational environment of daycare centres.

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Dr. Muqaddas Butt (PhD, Newcastle University, UK)
Chairperson CCDCC
Assistant Professor
UE, Township Campus, Lahore