UE organized Two International Conferences on Chemistry and Zoology


The 1st two day online international Conference on “Trends & Research in Chemistry” has been started at University of Education, Lahore on January 18, 2022 which will continue till January 19, 2022. Scholars and Scientists from thirteen countries including China, Malaysia, UK, Spain, Bahrain, India, Australia, Chili, Sweden etc. as well as Pakistan are participating in the said Conference.
While inaugurating the first session of the Conference the Vice Chancellor, University of Education, Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (S.I.) said that the purpose behind organizing this international Conference is to provide a platform to the researchers around globe to share their researches and knowledge in the field of chemistry because chemistry is very important and significant field for the welfare and wellbeing of humanity. We can serve the humanity a lot while going through more and more development in this field. He said I am sure the Conference will provide a gateway for the scientists and chemists to share their ideas for the mutual benefits and will open new doors of further research. He congratulated the Chairperson Chemistry Department of UE Prof. Dr. Mian Habib Ur Rehman for organizing such a useful event. The chief guest of the Conference was Principal School of Chemical and Materials Engineering, National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad Prof. Dr. Amir Azam Khan.
Meanwhile another two days virtual international Conference on ‘’Zoological Emerging Scientific Trends (ZEST)’’ has been started, which is being attended by more than 1400 participants including 27 international and national keynote speakers. During Conference dozens of research papers will be presented. The Conference was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor, University of Education, Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (S.I.). While talking on the occasion, he thanked all participants, guests of honor and keynote speakers to join the event. He also congratulated the department for organizing this national event. He further said the conference will give us knowledge and learning from each other. International speakers such as Prof. Dr. Shang-Tian Yang (USA), Prof. Dr. Usman Atique (South Korea), Prof. Dr. Hannes Stockinger (Austria), Prof. Dr. Johannes A. Schmid (Austria), Prof. Dr. Pierre Comizzoli (USA), Dr. Rja Hussain Ali (USA), Dr. Khatereh Khorsandi (Iran), Prof. Dr. Shuichi Karita (Japan), Prof. Dr. David T. Harris (USA), Dr. Amer Mehmood (Saudi Arabia), Prof. Dr. Zeliha Selamoglu (Turkey), Prof. Dr. Murat Arsalan (Turkey), Dr. Ilknur Ucak (Turkey), Prof. Dr. Hafiz M. N. Iqbal (Mexico) and many distinguished zoologists across Pakistan participated in ZEST 2022 with 306 abstracts and 22 posters.