UE and Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, China signed an agreement of Joint Doctoral and Master Training Programs


An agreement of Joint Doctoral and Master Training Programs has been signed between University of Education and Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, China to strengthen ties between the two institutions which might lead in future to the establishment of more partnership agreements for exchange purposes and academic co-operation in the field of History, Arts and Cultural heritage.

According to the agreement, both the parties agreed to set up separate office in each University. A joint training office will be established at UOE Lahore Pakistan and a research center for history, arts and cultural heritage will be set in Suzhou China for better communication and corporation in the PhD and M.Phil. This program is for the enrollment of Chinese students and Pakistani Students. The number of recruited PhD students does not exceed 25 person each year. M.Phil. students including master-doctor combined, will not exceed 40 person each year. HBAFA will be responsible for the examination and recruitment of Chinese students as per their university rules. After admission, University of Education will review the qualifications and issue the official admission notice and assist the students’ visa application. UE will issue degree to the Chinese students as per HEC and UE rules and regulation. This program has a basic academic system of four years for PhD students and two years for MPhil students and five years for the combined both MPhil and PhD students. The Chinese students undergo the first three semesters (1.5 years) study at UE under the direction of UE supervisors and continue the rest study at HBAFA under the direction of supervisors from HBAFA. They will organize conferences /Seminars /Symposiums /joint trainings, summer-winter camps and Joint Research projects for students. The agreement was signed by the Vice Chancellor University of Education, Lahore Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer pasha (S.I.) and Chairman Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, Mr. Zhen Zhongyi. Chairperson, Department of History and Arts, University of Education, Dr. Muhammad Abrar Ahmad and others were also present on the occasion.