Federal Minister Prof. Ahsan Iqbal inaugurated the HEC Funded Mega Projects worth Rs.1114 Million at University of Education, Lahore


Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Prof. Ahsan Iqbal inaugurated the newly constructed Academic Block, Students Service Center, Students Hostel, Health and Day Care Center and Bachelor Faculty Hostel at a cost of Rs. 1114 Million under HEC Project “Strengthening of University of Education, Main/Township Campus, Lahore at UE Main Campus Township, Lahore on July 6, 2023. Not only thousands of students but also teachers and staff of the university will be benefited from these facilities. The Federal Minister also visited the smart classroom equipped with modern facilities and the central library. On this occasion, a grand opening ceremony was organized, which was presided over by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Education, Lahore, Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (H.I., S.I.). In addition to well-known academic and social personalities, the pro-vice chancellor of the university Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arshad, syndicate members, teachers, staff and a large number of students were present in the ceremony.
Speaking at the ceremony, Federal Minister Prof. Ahsan Iqbal said that knowledge is undoubtedly the treasure, the acquisition of which results in social, moral and economic development, so we have to achieve the elevation of knowledge because a nation that does not seek knowledge is always in slavery, we need a knowledge movement, for which the present Government is taking revolutionary steps. We have established a strong network of universities across the country under Vision 2025 and under this vision, centers have been established for modern needs including artificial intelligence, genetics, digital revolution reforms and technology projects, students and teachers' education and training. Reforms were made at all levels for constructive development. Although this journey stopped for some time in the middle, but the spokesperson of the people's aspirations and aware of the contemporary requirements, the government has again started the journey of national construction and development. The future of the country is connected with the universities, because our youth are educated and trained there. He said that this expansion in the infrastructure of the University of Education, Lahore will further pave the way for the promotion of higher education. In 2018, we laid the foundation of these projects and today we are feeling very happy to see their completion. The government is committed to provide the facilities to our universities like developed countries. In the projects that I inaugurated today, the facilities available are in no way inferior to the quality of any university in any country. Now by using these facilities it is the responsibility of the teachers and students here to make their university prominent in the world. He hoped that the university keeping in view its vision and basic objectives, the education and training of teachers and students, the application of meaningful and practical research will continue. The Federal Minister said that coming to the University of Education today, one is feeling very happy that the plant of yesterday has become the tree of today, which is playing its full role to meet the educational and research needs of the country. However, the teachers and staff of the university and especially the vice-chancellor Professor Dr. Talat Nasir Pasha (H.I., S.I.) deserve congratulations.
Addressing the ceremony, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Talat Nasir Pasha (H.I., S.I.) appreciated the special support provided by Federal Minister for Planning Ahsan Iqbal for the improvement of the infrastructure of the university and expressed his deep interest and continuous support. He said that in the last few years, immense work has been done in terms of educational and constructive development in the University of Education. What did They were put into practice by signing memorandums of understanding with domestic and foreign institutions for mutual collaboration and development in the field of education and research. Today, along with the local students, foreign students from China, Gambia and Iran are also being adorned with the jewel of education in the University of Education. More than 50 thousand students are currently studying in the university. Industry-Academia linkages are being strengthened by partnering with industry bodies. At the end of the ceremony, the special shield of the University was also presented to the distinguished guest by the Vice Chancellor.