UE Celebrates World Teachers Day


On the occasion of World Teachers' Day, University of Education, Lahore organized a grand ceremony at its main Campus Township, Lahore on October 5, 2023, in which Vice Chancellor University of Education, Lahore Professor Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (H.I., S.I.) including a large number of university teachers and students were present. Under the auspices of the University's Division of Education, a walk was also arranged on the occasion, in which teachers and students carried placards. A cake was also cut to pay tribute to the teachers on the day. Apart from this, the messages of eminent teachers including Dr. Charles Hopkins, from UNESCO Chair (University of York) and Vice-Chancellor were also read out.
Addressing the ceremony, Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (H.I., S.I.) said that teachers are the most important part of our society, as they determine the future of the society. The role of teachers and their importance in the improvement of society cannot be neglected in any way, without a doubt, teachers deserve respect and respect at all levels. However, on the other hand, a teacher should be an ideal figure not only for the students but for the entire society because by keeping this figure in front, our future generation will determine their ideals and goals. It is the teachers who give us awareness through education, teach us how to live despite the adverse conditions of life, without the help of our teachers we can neither determine nor achieve our destination. The Vice-Chancellor said that teachers themselves are always in the process of learning as they also have to learn skills keeping in mind the needs of recent age, so that they can do better education and training of students. Principals/Directors of UE along with Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Alam Saeed and Director Division of Education Prof. Dr. Ayaz Khan were also present on this occasion.

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