In collaboration with US Consulate, Lahore, the four-day workshop titled "Innovating and Designing Engaging Application in Sports Promoting Outreach, Responsibility and Teamwork (IDEA-SPORT)” to promote leadership in women through sports concluded at UE with special participation of the US Consul General, Lahore, Ms. Christine Hawkins


Lahore December 21, 2023: The U.S. Consulate General in Lahore, together with coaches, trainers, and educators from Baylor University and the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, conducted a four-day U.S. government-funded workshop to empower young women through sports.  The workshop was hosted in partnership with the University of Education in Lahore and brought together sports educators, trainers, and coaches from ten schools and four universities across Punjab.
This initiative gave sports educators in Pakistan tools, experience, knowledge, and support to encourage more young women to participate in sports.  Sports not only provide physical and health benefits, but also have the ability to empower, build confidence, and inspire.  Through sports, students learn teamwork, discipline, cooperation, and leadership.
U.S. Consul General in Lahore Kristin Hawkins spoke to workshop participants about their unique role as educators, coaches, and mentors in helping young women develop their leadership skills through sports.  “Not everyone who participates in sports will go on to play professionally, but the confidence, teamwork, and skills that we learn from sports can help us to become a force for positive change, no matter what we do in life,” she said. 
Vice Chancellor, University of Education Professor Dr. Muhammad Alam Saeed added that, “65 percent of Pakistan's population consists of youth, of which women are the major part, so education and training of women and promoting positive trends among them is the need of the hour, without which we cannot face the challenges of today.”  Mr. Saeed commended his team for organizing the workshops and concluded by further stating that, “The positive effects of women's education and training are not limited to an individual; rather empowerment of women and attention to their voices strengthens families, society and country.” The participants in this week’s workshop will return to their home universities and implement policies, coaching practices, and sports curricula to improve girls’ access to athletics at their institutions.  Through their efforts, many girls will have new opportunities to participate in a variety of sports. On this occasion, Principal Investigator from Baylor University, Texas (USA), William Sterrett, Principal Investigator from UE, Prof. Dr. Ahsan Bashir, all academic directors of UE, officials of the American Consul General and a large number of students were also present.