International Conference on “Recent Advances in Computer Science and Information Technology” Concluded at UE, 21 experts from 10 countries participated in the Conference


Two-day International Conference on “Recent Advances in Computer Sciences and Information Technology” concluded at the main campus township of University of Education, Lahore on March 6, 2024. 21 leading IT experts from 10 countries including USA, Japan, Malaysia and Saudi Arab participated in the conference. During the two-day conference, national and international researchers also presented 120 research papers. The chief guest of the closing ceremony was Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Khalid Mehmood, while the Vice-Chancellor University of Education, Lahore Professor Dr. Muhammad Alam Saeed performed the duties of the presidency.
Speaking at the closing ceremony of the Conference, Chief Guest Punjab University Prof. Dr. Khalid Mehmood said that undoubtedly the brilliance of the 21st century is largely due to information technology because it improves efficiency and speed in every field of life. The computer was invented to meet the ever-increasing needs and demands of modern man. The question is how the computer can help more people and accordingly what kind of program (software) should be developed for this machine (computer system). Known as Today, doctors, engineers, draftsmen, media persons, businessmen, bankers and even individuals need computers. Financial transactions around the world, the entire supply chain, rail and ship travel, energy control, defense equipment and the entire defense system, the judicial system, the preparation of all Meteorological Department reports and satellite activities need information technology. The Chief Guest further said that it is necessary that we should pay special attention to this sector to reap its benefits. And the University of Education deserves to be congratulated for realizing the importance of the most imperative need of the day and organizing a wonderful International Conference, where IT experts from all over the world come together at one place to share their experiences. Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor University of Education, Lahore Prof. Dr. Muhammad Alam Saeed said that the University of Education has always given priority to its main objective of education and training keeping in mind the requirements of the modern age. And today's conference is proof of our determination. As the current century began, a new era of technology also began, and since then, technology has had a profound impact not only on daily life but also on the field of education. Today is the age of digital media and computing. The demand for trained technologists is greater than ever. Every day dawns with a new dawn on the horizon of technology. He said that in today's era, the development and stability of a nation is also estimated by the annual number of its technological graduates. In order to become a highly educated global citizen of today's computing-rich world and to keep up with the 21st century livelihoods, it is essential that today's student has access to the principles and practices of computer science. Regardless of the field of study or livelihood of today's students, no other subject in the 21st century can be as helpful as computer science in earning a livelihood for students. On this occasion, Professor Dr. Abrar Hussain, Professor Dr. Ikram Ullah, Dr. Hanan Bin Liaqat, Dr. Allah Ditta, Sohail Ashfaq Butt, including various academic and social personalities and a large number of students were present.