UE Celebrates International Women's Day


International Woman's Day was celebrated at University of Education, Lahore, Township Campus with all its traditional colors. The students and faculty members participated in March past as well as a seminar. While addressing the gathering, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (S.I.) said in our contemporary world the role of women bas become highly important. The women are participating in every field of life along with men which should be appreciated. He said 50 percent of our population consists of women, so we cannot afford to push them behind, if we really want to have a vibrant socio-economic environment. Dr. Pasha said our religion place the women on very respectable place. As a wife, daughter, sister and above all as a mother a woman has always been given respect. He said we at University of Education, Lahore appreciates and acknowledge the contributions of women in achieving its goals of teaching, research and leadership development. We endeavor to provide the best working opportunities and environment for all our colleagues and students.

While expressing her thoughts, the Ex-Vice Chancellor of University of Education, Dr. Munawar Sultana Mirza said for the empowerment of women we should give them education because educating a woman means education a whole family. The government should take all possible steps to make women equal to men in society. She said if we look at the history of Pakistan, during the Ayub era, family laws/family ordinance was introduced which protected many rights of the women. The renowned nutritionist Dr. Muhammad Nasir said women should take due care of their health because only a healthy woman can ensure to nourish her family. He said unfortunately in our society women have not been given their due rights for decades but now because of the increasing awareness the women have come up as a genuine better half of the men.

Dr. Ayesha Saleem a faculty member of University of Education, Division of Education is delivering a speech at International Women's Day Program held at parliament House Islamabad on 8 march 2021.

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