Dr. Rabia Ghaffar

Assistant Professor


Dr. Rabia holds a Doctorate degree in Plant Cell Imaging and Ultrastructure Research from the University of Vienna, Austria (2015). Dr. Rabia is an appointee at the Department of Botany, University of Education as Assistant Professor since Oct, 2018. Presently she is teaching Plant Anatomy, Cell Biology, Bacteriology and Virology, Microbiology and their Allied Laboratory Techniques.

Her area of specialization is Plant Anatomy, Environmental Biology, Techniques in microscopy that includes the examination of living as well as fixed cells or tissues to study their various physiological and morphological traits under changing/stressed environment. She has her hands-on training in i) advanced video, light and electron microscopy combined with ii) atomic element analysis, as well as different methods of iii) documentation of various biological processes by photography and scientific videography. 

Teaching Expertise:

Dr. Rabia participated in collaborative teaching while in the University of Vienna (2009-2014) where she held theory and practical classes about Light and Electron Microscopy and Cell Physiology. She also participated with her expertise in the special lecture on Heavy metal stress in plant cells and about glandular cells of carnivorous plants. In Pakistan she has a good experience of teaching and research in the field of Anatomy and Morphology, Cell Biology at the University of the Punjab for more than two years (2015-2018).

Research Skills:

• Cell Biology • Plant Anatomy • Light microscopy (Phase contrast, Fluorescence, Confocal) & Electron microscopy  (TEM, SEM, Cryo-TEM) – Super resolution microscopy • Correlative microscopy (combing the light and electron microscopy) • Development of quantification method for size and form of various cells and their organelles • Scientific reports and technical presentations

Experimental Techniques & Computational Tools:

• Plant cells preparation protocols for chemical and cryo-electron microscopy (EM) • Cell and tissue preparation for confocal microscopy • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) • Environmental scanning electron microscopy (ESEM) • Transmission electron microscopy • Laser confocal imaging for fixed and living cells (CLSM) • Fluorescence in situ hybridization techniques (FISH) • DAIME: Digital analysis and image processing software • 3D volume calculator • Adobe Photoshop professional & Adobe premiere video editing • Including all microscope operational software

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