Ethical Guidelines

JRRE follows a set of ethical guidelines for paper publication and these rules are mandatory for all authors. Authors are requested to follow the guidelines given below:

  1. The manuscript submitted to JRRE should not be submitted or published for publication to any other journal.
  2. The authors should have “Proof of consent” regarding the use of people & organizations.
  3. The manuscript should not contain any illicit material nor contravene any existing copyright unless with due permission.
  4. The author should have permission from the manuscript holder(s) to reconstruct the manuscript, in media and communicate through respective third parties, any material including photographs, diagrams, and tables not owned by the author.
  5. The author who receives a final draft of the manuscript is responsible for the material, concur to publication and the order of the other authors listed on the paper.
  6. Any person who has made a pivotal contribution to the paper should be listed as an author(s). Minor contributions may be acknowledged in the Acknowledgement section.
  7. The author should proclaim any potential conflict of interest in the paper. Any support from the third party must be mentioned in the Acknowledgement section.
  8. The author should not deposit the final version of the manuscript into an organizational repository until the manuscript has been published by JRRE.
  9. The author should not allow others to electronically gather and save his paper to a separate server.
  10. All authors should agree to the order of authorship and names of all authors should be included as (1) ________ (2) __________, and etc.
  11. All authors should have reviewed the manuscript and agreed to take responsibility for the content.
  12. References and quotations must be well documented.
  13. Data/information should be reported truly.
  14. Where necessary permissions from the publisher should be taken.
  15. The writer should note that Plagiarism is an absolute no-no.

The author who submits his/her manuscript to JRRE should practice and follow our guidelines as mentioned, his/ her manuscript will be treated according to the outline provided. The author should also accept that, in serious cases of misconduct and unable to make an appropriate apology, he/she will be suspended from publishing in JRRE for up to five years. Correction notices will be placed on the online version of the manuscripts and will appear in the next issue of the journal. Such notices will contain one of the following: