Bachelor of Education (Honors) in Special Education


According to WHO estimates, about 10 per cent of the total population of developing countries is suffering from some sort of disabilities. Of these 2.5 per cent are with severe disabilities which demand for special education services. Special education is aimed to provide services to individuals having Special Educational Needs, based on their unique educational needs, so that they can make progress in educational environment where they would otherwise be likely to have limited success. This situation has increase the demand of special education instructors/teachers within the country, especially in the Punjab. BEd. (Hons.) in Special Education degree programs is designed to prepare special education instructors/teachers who could fulfill the employment needs of the country. BEd. (Hons.) in Special Education will provide an ideal opportunity to the students who aim to become special education instructor/teachers or to proceed for post-graduation in special education. The program is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills with extensive hands on experiences to help individuals having Special Educational Needs through discovering and disseminating new ideas, practices, and research findings. The graduates of this program will have unique academic experiences with a strong practical foundation about the principles of special education. The students will also get functional knowledge of working in teaching & non-teaching roles with individuals having Special Educational Needs. Through offering specialization options, the program allows the students to specialize in their primary area of interest and prepare themselves to provide exemplary, evidence-based services in the field of special education. The curriculum of this program is designed to encourage students/graduates to seek new knowledge, skills, and practices which have been introduced at international level for the advancement of scholarly knowledge about Special Educational Needs and special education and prepare future professionals for both national and international employment market.

Entry Requirements

A Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent degree with minimum 2nd Division

Age Limit

Age limit is not applicable in this program.

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Degree Requirement

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