Master of Science in Computer Science


The MSCS is a research-based degree program for the candidates with at least sixteen years of education in the field of Computer Science. The MSCS aimed to provide a state-of-the-art research facility to the candidates who are interested in pursuing to extend their knowledge that reflects the current research trends in various CS disciplines. The program not only prepares the students for the industry but also would give them the required knowledge to pursue for the doctoral level degrees. Although the MSCS is an independent program, however, research work developed in this program can be extended and made more comprehensive to serve as the research base for a PhD in Computer Science. The MSCS will enable the students to:

• Impart skills with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge.

• Have substantial exposure to latest research trends in software engineering, computer networks, computer architecture, computer vision, machine learning, operating systems and other related areas.

• Increase the opportunities for advanced positions in computing profession.

Entry Requirements

Sixteen years of education with CGPA of at least 2.5 (on scale of 4.0) in degree program of BS (SE/CS/IT/CE) or equivalent from HEC recognized university or degree awarding institute. An entry test will be conducted as part of the admission criteria or as per University of Education requirements.

Age Limit

Age limit is not applicable in this program

Merit Calculator

As per University of Education Rules and Regulations.

Degree Requirement

As per University of Education Rules and Regulations.