Bachelor of Science in Mathematics


  • To establish the base for lifelong education by creating essential concepts and equipping the students with necessary techniques needed to start careers in teaching, research and/or in any walk of live involving mathematics.
  • To prepare students to learn concrete ideas of Mathematics, to analyze problems and to develop problem-solving skills.
  • To encourage students to become effective independent learners.
  • To encourage students to work in groups to get quick, true results
  • To encourage people to help other disciplines as engineering, physics, economics, finance etc using mathematics.


The duration of program is 4 years, 8 Semesters and each semester comprises of 16-18 weeks

Entry Requirements

Intermediate with mathematics or equivalent as per UE Rules.

Age Limit

Age limit is not applicable in this program.

Merit Calculator

As per University of Education Rules and Regulations.

Degree Requirement

As per University of Education Rules and Regulations.