Shahzada Qaisar


HEC Approved Supervisor


Shahzada Qaisar's academic journey commenced when he joined the University of Education, Lahore (UE) as a Lecturer in September 2008, subsequent to securing a foreign doctoral scholarship. In October 2011, he successfully completed his Doctor of Education degree in Mathematics Education at the esteemed University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.

With a comprehensive experience spanning over eighteen years in the education sector, Shahzada Qaisar has assumed multifaceted roles as a teacher, researcher, and administrator. His professional trajectory commenced as a Senior Subject Specialist in Mathematics and a Teacher Trainer at Beaconhouse School System (BSS), a renowned private school network of global prominence. During his tenure at BSS, his outstanding contributions were acknowledged with prestigious awards, recognizing him as the Best Subject Specialist and Best Teacher Trainer.

Presently, Shahzada Qaisar holds the esteemed position of Professor of Education within the STEM Department at the Division of Education (DoE), University of Education Lahore. Distinguished as an HEC-approved doctoral supervisor, he actively engages in the pedagogical realm, instructing master's and postgraduate teacher training programs. Over the course of the last decade, his academic mentorship has culminated in the successful guidance of more than five doctoral students and thirty MPhil students towards the completion of their academic pursuits.

Dr. Qaisar's academic specialization centers on the intricate dynamics of classroom discourse, wherein he embarks on design-based research endeavors within diverse social settings. Notably, he displays a profound interest in exploring the pivotal role of discourse and technology as efficacious mediation tools in facilitating the learning and teaching of mathematics, with particular emphasis on students aged 5 to 16 years old.

In addition to his scholarly pursuits, Dr. Qaisar has assumed several significant administrative roles, including Director of the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC), Director of the Directorate of Research (DoR), Incharge Examination at DoE, Focal Person for IPFP & UBI, and a prominent representative of the university within the wider community.

As the Director of QEC, Dr. Qaisar exemplified exemplary leadership, culminating in the development of improvement plans and the expeditious completion of numerous pending tasks within a remarkably short span of one year. Since September 2015, he has led the Directorate of Research, diligently striving to foster a vibrant research culture across all UE campuses and divisions. Under his astute guidance, UE researchers have secured coveted research grants from esteemed national and international funding agencies.

Moreover, Dr. Qaisar has orchestrated several transformative training programs geared towards fostering the professional growth of administrative staff and college faculty within the province of Punjab and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), as well as educators from Network chain schools, UE faculty, and staff, in collaboration with esteemed national and international organizations.

Furthermore, Dr. Qaisar has garnered prestigious funded projects that ardently address critical societal aspects, encompassing domains such as learning disabilities, community development, mathematics education, literacy, and non-formal education. These endeavors reflect his unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge and empowering individuals and communities through the potent medium of education.


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