Seminar on “Regional Project 9 (RP9), Cohort 2”


UE Business School organized a seminar for the 6th and 8th semester students of Business, Economics, and Fine Arts departments at UE, Lower Mall Campus, on April 3, 2023 at Main Hall LMC building. The session started with the recitation of few verses from the holy Qur’aan.


Mr. Ibrahim Zaidi with his team from PITB was the resource person. He emphasized the importance of innovative business ideas, and how BIC provides assistance in terms of finance, physical space, and consultancy to boost these ideas to startups.  He also shared some of the success stories of RP9.


Dr. Shahid Ghafoor Khokhar, Chairperson UE Business School, shared the significance of small but fresh business ideas, and endorsed the suggestions given by the resource person. He also expressed his gratitude to the distinguished guests.  


Students displayed interest in the session and inquired many questions. They were willing to take opportunity provided by the RP9.