Seminar on “Digital and IT skills” ; Helping people turning words into wealth


Mr. Faran Ali, Lecturer and In charge Student’s counselling center Division of Management and Administrative Science Lower Mall organized a seminar on Digital and IT skills at Main Hall Lower Mall Campus, on 5th April, 2023. The session started with the recitation of few verses from the holy Qur’aan.


Mr. Hamza Khurshid (Founder) with his team from “The blogging Lab” was the resource person. He is having 13+ years of experience in SEO, blogging, content & digital marketing and is engaged with international startup working in the fin-tech industry and has taught the digital skills of content writing, search engine optimization, content funnel marketing, blogging, and freelancing & to more than 4000+ graduates, Ulemas & professionals worked with LUMS, PITB, E-Rozgaar, and many other national & international organizations.


He emphasized on the importance of earning from available resources. He guided the students about blogging, SEO and content writing with examples and imparted his knowledge how students can earn money through writing blogs, create blogging sites and then sell it in the market. He informed about the blogging sites which were sold in millions of dollars and guided the students how to create niche in the market. The presenter also offered some free courses to students who were willing to learn more about the topic.


Students displayed interest in the session and inquired many questions. They were willing to take opportunity provided by the The blogging Lab. Faculty members, Dr. Madiha, Dr. Unbreen, Ms. Fatima, Dr. Irfan, Dr. Adnan, Mr. Rashid to name a few, also took keen interest in the session and inquired more about blogging.

The session was ended with a thanking note and an understanding to continue these kind of activities in future.